FAQ's at Secret Car Deals

Q Explain to me what exactly am I saving on the cost of the new car?

A. You will receive the saving as shown against the RRP of the selected vehicle plus the deposit allowance through Ford Credit, e.g a typical Ford Focus shows over £2000 saving and with the finance deposit allowance amount of £2000 noted below the Our price figure the total saving is over £4000

Q What is a Finance Deposit Allowance?

A This is the figure that Ford Credit will contribute to you to assist in purchasing your new car. Ultimately this allowance reduces the cost of your purchase.

Q .What if I do not want finance?

A. Not a problem. However you will lose the finance deposit allowance which effectively will increase the overall cost of purchase. An alternative is to finance the minimum sum of £2500 over 2years. One week after delivery you are entitled to settle the finance and you will only be charged a minimal interest fee for the very short period you had the loan. This way you benefit from the fantastic contribution from Ford Credit without the complication of monthly payments. For further information contact us and an Advisor will give you further details.